Streaming URLs

The URL to your stream can be customized with many variables. These include streaming streaming server used, stream name, and stream key.

The URL comprises of the following layout:
URL Format

The above example was created for the user "example" with a stream key of "examplestream", and a preferred streaming server of pit (Pittsburgh). To customize for your own stream, simply change these variables for your own stream. Please contact us to obtain stream username and key information.

You can also choose to use the HLS streaming protocol or the DASH streaming protocol in the URL by specifying the protocol after the /stream/ portion of the URL as follows:
URL Format

Note that if you have no preference over live stream server, you can exclude the server from the URL if you would prefer that our page automatically directs your viewers to a round-robin database of available streaming servers. The user and stream key, however, are required in order for the stream to be displayed.

Below is a table of our available streaming servers. For your users best experience, it is reccomended (but not required) that you choose a server geographically close to your target viewers.

Server URL Name Location Best geographical area served
lon London, England, United Kingdom Europe
pit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States East Coast, United States
sfo San Francisco, California, United States West Coast, United States
tor Toronto, Ontario, Canada Central, Canada

For questions or issues, please contact us here.